Posibility to add coordinates?

Is there a possibility to add coordinates in Route XL?

There is a way to add locations with coordinates. You can enter those with the import button.

Just use the format lat,lng for the latitude and longitude of a location you want to add. For example:


Note: use one line for each destination.

Not yet, but this was written down for development before. We’ll see if we can get into the next update that’s due soon.

Most probably it will become an additional parameter to the http string, like …&roundtrip=false. Would that work for you?

It’s has been added to the test website for the next release. Either use roundtrip=false or rt=0. Check it out at:


With regard to tablet use: the website should be reponsive and touch friendly already. There are more improvements coming up, see the same test website. If there are still issues, please open a seperate topic with screenshots.

There was a problem with the cache after we renamed a few files. That’s solved now. The test site is back online again.

The buttons in the location infowindow were indeed too small. They will be increased in the next update. Check the test site :wink:

This is quite experimental, but you may want to give it a try…

Timing parameters are already built in the import function of the test site. That is, if you add “>>11:00” to an address, the due time will automagically be set to 11:00 AM.

The same rule applies to the deeplink or html parameter list, which is handled by the same function. To get the time parameter into the URL use the following:

We’ll note JSON file support down for future development :wink:

The single “>” has no special meaning. Only the double “>>” is taking into account.

For a due time 11.00 hours: “>>11:00” (visit before)
For a ready time 11.00 hours: “11:00>>” (visit after)

The change of direction is also implemented. After a route is planned, close and re-open the address list. You’ll see a flip button.

Answered in this new thread you created:


Hi, i have tried to use the coordinates inside the http string and it works too; but the coordinates are shown in the first to lines instead of one. The results are the same.
I had used it as the very first adress.

One additional question: My first adress will always added as last adress too. Maybe someone will plan not an roundtrip, can i surpress this behaviour?

Yes, it would be exactly what i need. If there is a limit on characters in the http string, then i would use a shorter name like rt=true etc.
Another wish: i try to use your service from an android tablet - a parameter to show all dialogs in an touchfriendly size or a variant of your website which is optimized for touch input would be very nice!

I have a problem with the test site: i had no success with three different browsers, which all works with the normal routexl site. I see only the start page in dutch and no further action or possibility…

What i mean with touch friendly is primary the size of the dialog, when you click on a adress marker. On my sony tablet the size of the buttons is ~2.5mm and the distance between the two rows is 1 mm. For me it is possible to touch the right buttons, but for people with older eyes etc. its hard to point to the exact position.

Yes, it works now; the buttons are already bigger in the new version. The roundtrip parameter seems to be ready too!
The new timing possibilitys are a wish from me, which i didnt try to speak out…
But now you have it realised and i ask, if there is a a plan or a possibilty to add the timing parameters to the html parameter list ?
Another idea would be to transfer a json file with this parameters, but the current interface is rather easy to use.

Thanks, i didnt expect, that this is already in work.
Can you please explain the type and use of the parameters a little more…
Has a single “>” another meaning as a double “>>” etc. and does it mean after 11:00 ?
Another idea: You could make a button to change the direction; i think there are some sittuations, where the opposite driving order would be better and the amount of time and distance is the same…

I tried uploading the coordinates as mentioned by you, but it it’s not reading it correctly. The format I used was: Lat,Long @ name @. However, it is taking the entire text as the address and does Geo coding. Am I doing something wrong?