Paid for 200 stops, getting only 182

I just subscribed for one day to be able to input a route with 200 stops. I’ve imported the addresses several times and it only gives me 182 stops every time. My route is actually 270, so I very carefully selected which addresses to leave out in order to limit it to 200. Please fix this or tell me what I can do to have the correct results. Thank you!

We’d need your input to check what the problem is. But we’ve seen that happen when addresses were mapped on the exacte same location, as the algorithm is based on coordinates.

If your addresses are not correct or complete, they may not be precise and get clustered in the middle of a street, neighboorhood or city. If you have addresses mapped on the same location, before finding the route you can manually drag and drop them to a different place on the map.

If this does not solve the problem and you want us to check in more detail, please share your input so we can run a test with them. If you don’t want to share here, you can also email to