Outdated map (OSM)

RouteXL’s map and routing is based on OpenStreetMap, but it seems to be outdated. For example, there was an OSM change regarding the traffic direction on a one-way street on the 27th of June, but it isn’t visible in RouteXL, so a route may send you against the traffic direction.

The map you see on the website may be somewhat outdated, but that’s only a visual display. The map data that is used by the algorithm to create the actual routes has been updated last week.

To change the map on the website to a more updated one, please use Options > Styling > Map style. Most map styles from Mapbox and HERE will be recently updated.

If you still get routes against the traffic direction on a one-way street, please share examples here or send them to info@routexl.com

I can confirm the routing is actually correct now. Thank you for your timely response.

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