Number of rounds: parallel or sequential

Thanks for the useful and easy to use product RouteXL.
When I select in the options: Number of rounds = 2, and press Find route, RouteXL splits the addresses in 2 parallel routes, which can be executed by 2 different trucks. I can view the arrival times per stop under Addresses, Edit. The start time at the home location in the first line is filled with the return time, which is a minor issue. 

However, when I download the route as a csv, the arrival times of the second round are not the same as in the Addresses, Edit. The csv seems to assume that the routes are executed sequentially by one truck. 

I think the csv arrival times per stop should be identical to the arrival times in the screen Addresses, Edit.
Is it possible to set in the parameters whether routes should be parallel or sequential.
If this should be done in the Balance parameter, could you please explain this?

Thanks in advance,

You are right. This problem is known and on our list of issues to be solved by development. There is no parameter to prevent this. The Balance parameter only impacts the distribution of stops over the rounds, as described in:…

A work-around to get the correct times for the second round, may be to click the second round path on the map, so that it opens seperately, change the setting at Options > Routing > Number of rounds to 1, and re-plan the route.