Not enough locations

I just tried to access the API sending 3 places and it gives me an error 409 that says I don’t have enough locations. But in the main page I can send just 2, the start and finish. What’s happening?

In our log we see several requests with no locations. You may want to double check your input.

Yes, I just double checked. I accidentally sent a couple of empty request, but after sending a succesful test with 4 places, I just deleted one and it said “not enough locations” .

Please share your API request here, so we can check. Or send it to

Thats the form data decoded. I have no problem sending 4 or more.
This is the reponse. “Not enough locations: Array”

Request URL:

Request Method:

Status Code:
409 Conflict

Remote Address:

locations[0][address]:Rue de l’Euron, 54320 Maxéville
locations[1][address]:33/45 Avenue de Metz, 54320 Maxéville
locations[2][address]:2 Rue de l’Euron, 54320 Maxéville

And actually sometimes it returns the array in different order with the same values

We were not aware we’re using our route optimization API V2. This version is under development and has indeed a minimum of 4 locations for free users. With only three points the route does not require optimization. A-B-C will always be returned as A-B-C.