Not able to complete the route planning, a bug probably, goes to an endless loop

I’ve been using RouteXL to plan my delivery routes, but off late I’m getting into the issues where the routexl just “Hangs” and I cannot continue further with route planning. I’m not able find the exact problem of the location where it is getting into an issue. Any help is appreciated.

you can see from the above image that at the bottom right it keeps saying searching address and goes on endlessly, not able to figure out which is the address it is trying to find and not able to.

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There must be something wrong when geocoding the addresses, either in sending the addresses to the geocoding service or when processing the results.

You could select another geocoding service by changing the setting at Options > Geocoding > Preference. E.g. try Mapbox or Here. If that does not help, share your addresses here or send them to so we can check.

Thank you for the prompt reply… I think there was some error   etc, when I removed it, it worked properly. It would have been good it it had shown the address where it has problem instead of going in an endless loop. Anyways, works for now. Thanks.

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