No route being shown


I paid for one days access to RouteXL, as I’m trying to create a circular route around the UK, starting and finishing in the same location, with 24 stops.

I have typed all the addresses in, but when I click on “Find Route”, no route is displayed.  I just get the screen with the 25 locations back, and no route.

If I change the order of a couple of the addresses, I sometimes get a route for just those addresses.

Any thoughts?

Probably the route was found but somehow the path/directions were not.

Can you try to load the route from history and press the “Find route” button once again?

I found the Options > History, and the thumbnail shows the route, but when I load it, the route is not being displayed din the browser (I.E 11).  If I download the route to a text file, I just get the addresses.

I tried Google Chrome, and initially, I was still getting the same problem, but after a few attempts, I got the route I wanted.