No Ready Time / Due Time in clipboard download


When using RouteXL to plan routes, I get a nice overview with the selected starttime (15.30) and expected arrival times at every stop.

However, when I click Download → Clipboard (and select Add Headers), only the service time appears. Ready Time and Due Time appear in the headers, but the columns are always empty.

How can I make sure the expected times are displayed there as well?

Ready and due time in the clipboard are the ready and due time that you have assigned to a stop before creating the route. They’re not the arrival times in the route as found by the algorithm.

You can set a ready and/or due time when your stop has a time window to be visited, e.g. between 8AM and 11AM. If you do not set ready or due times, the clipboard will show empty columns.

See also: Edit location - RouteXL

Clear. Would it be possible to include the Arrival time as found by the algorithm?

We’ve added that on our test site, feel free to use that instead of the main website.

Instructions for the test site: Testing - RouteXL

Thanks, appreciate the quick response. Unfortunately, we’re exporting multiple routes (multiple drivers). It seems that in the export, the different routes are being planned in sequence (after each other), instead of starting in parallel. This seems like a bug to me (it now takes more than a day to complete the routes in the export).

We seem unable to replicate that problem. You may want to try to replan the route on the test site.

Alternatively, open each round separately by clicking its path and export it.

This original post was two parts.
1.) Arrival time is not available in Clipboard download. This now available on test.
2.) The “Due Time” and “Ready Time” are always blank in the clipboard download. This is still the case and has not been fixed on test. I assume the intent is to populate these values in the clipboard download otherwise why have the fields selectable in the header as Time Sequence which adds columns “Due Time” and “Ready Time”.

We’ve checked #2 and were able to replicate and fix the problem, both on test and live.