No longer recognising any address's in australia

Web and ios (web) - worked untill reciently.

Do you get any error messages, or are the addresses just misplaced? Can you share some examples?

Check our documentation for some hints and tips:…

There is no address finding algorithm in our system. Your input is sent line by line to one or more third-party geocoding services. Which service is first used depends on the setting at Options > Geocoding. There may have been a temporary connection problem with one of these.

In general, we do not have control of the used geocoding algoritms or the quality of their responses. If you have incomplete addresses the quality of geocoding can vary a lot. Therefore we advise to enter the full address. including the street name, house number, zip code and so on.

If you’d like to work with these geocoding services to improve the address finding, you may want to provide feedback to them directly. Mapbox has a easy page for signalling problems here:…

Thanks for your response.

It is working again now.

I was getting [" ***** "address not found] for locations that I use regularly, for about 24hrs.

I’m not sure if theres any truth in this but the algorithm seems to need to narrow down the address range, and I have a suspicion this was not happening.

for eg. I’m not sure if you can reproduce this but;

  • from empy map search “brisbane qld australia”
  • “brisbane qld australia” not found
  • search “chermside qld australia” /address found
  • search "brisbane qld australia /address found

I can reproduce this on the ios app, ios browser and browser on windows machine.
This behaviour is surprising considering brisbane is a state capital and chermside an outlying suburb.

Thank-you again.