No Home Address?

Can I set it so that there is no home address?

I’d like to be able to enter 20 addresses, split them between 5 cars with optimal routing, and no start or return address. Is that possible?

Nope, that is not possible. Our routes require a start and return address.

A work-around might be to mark a random point in the middle of the destination addresses as the start. You’d probably need to experiment a bit with the balance setting (Options > Routing) to get the routes you require.

It is on our list for development and it might be possible in the future. But the list is long and priorities are based on various factors. If more users request this, the chances are more likely that we’ll look at it.

Thanks for letting me know, might this be a possibility in the future?

We have technicians across the country with different start locations. I had hoped to pay for and use the API to automatically divide the 20 addresses into 5 equal but optimum groups disregarding the start or finish locations. 

Great, I’ll be sure to check back now and again to see how you’re getting on.

Thanks for all the help

I would like this feature also.

I’d also like this. Is it possible yet? At least to not have an ending point?