No "finish here"point for multiple drivers

Is there a work around to not having an end point for routes with multiple drivers? I can obviously sent the end point as a far out destination for routes with only 1 driver, but can I do something like this for routes with many drivers (eg set multiple end points, or no end points)?
I’m finding that when there’s only 1 end point for multiple drivers the routes are quite inefficient. E.g.
This route (start and end point is the same here) has drivers driving by destinations on their way out just to circle back to them on their way back to the starting/finishing point. This is not ideal for me. I want drivers to be able to pick up packages and then take the shortest route to drop them off, they don’t need to come back to the beginning.
Then if I set an end point that isn’t the starting point, the route gets quite unbalanced

Thank you and any suggestions?

There is no work-around for not having an endpoint with multiple drivers. We’re working on a solution.

In general, the efficiency of routes can somewhat be influenced with the “balance” parameter in Options > Routing:

Not before the end of this week. Then it will first go to the test site

It’s kind of R&D-ish so we can’t give any guarantee on the time line. The test site is updated more often and can be less stable - but you can use it just like the live site.

Thanks for the prompt reply. Is this something you think you’ll have a solution too soonish? Or would it make sense to look elsewhere for a solution?


Next week is pretty soon. If you think that’s the time line, then I’ll certainly wait. Is your test site something that I can use the same was as the regular site?

Thanks again

Makes sense. Is there a way to be notified when this functionality is added or will I just have to keep checking back to see if it is?

Thank for your ongoing help!