No Ferry in Świnoujście/ Poland

Hallo Dear,
As planing my trip around the baltic sea, I want to cross the river Swene at Świnoujście/ Poland. There is a ferry, you can finde it easily at google maps but not in RouteLX. RouteLX sends me around the city instead across the river. What can I do?

Our source for the road network is OpenStreetMap (OSM). The ferry is in there, but it is not used for the route.

Our routing algorithm uses ferries. The alternative route around the city uses the ferry in the south named “Centrum”. But somehow the ferry in the city named “Warszów” is not used. It may be that the latter is not correctly tagged in OSM, there seem to be some differences. We’ll need to run some tests to confirm that.

A work-around may be to plan the route up to the departure of the ferry, then plan the next route from the arrival point. Or, you could export the whole trip using Download > Google Maps.

The city center ferry was indeed not tagged in such a way that it could be used. This has been corrected on OpenStreetMap and we’ve updated the maps on our servers that are used for creating the routes. It is now back in our routes and you can use it for your trip.


Thx you guys for your help. Now I have the next Problem with a ferry in Kleipedia in Litauen. I can not get a connect to the ferry terminal. So It sends me back to russia and sends me through the main land. How can I send you the date or a pick?

That’s another badly tagged item in OSM. The ferry had the wrong direction. We have corrected that but it will take some time (days) to process the data on our server.

It would be a pity if you find more issues after we’ve processed the data. Could you check the remainder of your route for more problems? If this was all, we’ll start the processing once again.

Hey Dear, I have understood that it would be a pity if you process the data on your server and if I found other problems after that. My problem is, that I am planing a trip round the baltic sea and that will take a while. So my suggestion ist, that you white with the processing until I finish the trip. As soon I as I find an other bug I will inform you. I am planing to finish the planing with in the next tow weeks. Is that ok with you?

That is perfectly fine with us. Normally, we update the maps once every month, starting the first or second week of the month. So, another two weeks fits our schedule.