No Distance calculations

How can I receive in download distance betwwen stop address
Excel file came with “”"" no distane alue

It should be in there. Distance is one of the standard fields in the CSV file. Though it may happen than Excel misformats the file when importing it. You could double-check the file with a plain text editor.

Please share the route so we can check. You may do so here, or send it to

Thanks for reply
The distance is there …sorry …my mistake was because first city is the start point and distance would be “”""
Another question is about best way to find the lastest city in my route.
I dont need to make a round trip, the truck is subcontracted and probably will continue traveling to other cities
I dont know when start processing what will be the latest city that means the most further city of my route.
Our idea to use ROUTE XL is to have a support to give us the shortest way from factory to the further city and correct sequencig of the others stop.
Is there a process to not use round trip?

To prevent a round trip, and end the route at any location, select that location on the map and use the “Finish here” button to set as the final destination.


There is no option to automatically determine the farthest point. If you’d be able to use our API, that can create distance tables. Otherwise, the workaround would be to visually determine the most distant location on the map.