New version live: check geocoding

We’ve had an big update this week. The switch to the crowdsourced OpenStreetMap maps is the most visible. There are a number of reasons for this, the synchronisation of backend solvers and frontend user interface is the most important one.

While we’ve got a lot of praises, there are some users with problems since the update. Most are related to geocoding, putting addresses on the map. It may result in screen freezes and bad routes.

The solution that has worked for many, is to experiment with the settings for geocoding. In the Options (press button on the top right) you can select your preferred geocoding service and address suffix. Try several geocoders and add a suffix that matches your city or country.

E.g. if you’re in the Netherlands and are using postcodes only, select the “Photon” geocoder and add the suffix “Nederland”

If you are importing addresses, make sure all addresses are on the map before you press the Find route button. The geocoding sometimes has a lag, because several services may be used if an address can not be found. If you plan a route while not all addresses are mapped, the route will only hold the mapped ones.

You can help the geocoding by using fully complete addresses only, or adding an address suffix in the options, like “South-Africa”. Also you may want to try another preferred geocoding services, like Photon. You can also select this in the options.

When an address seems impossible to find on the map, use the search box on the top left. It has autocompletion and can help you to determine the right details and format. This also uses your preferred geocoding service, so you may want to try several to find which one matches your addresses best.

Write a replyI cant get this to route more than 10 addresses when i put in 20. What can i do to fix it? I need this badly or i will be looking eldewhere for a routing program