Nb routes with the API

Hello, I used the route API () in a Android code. With less than 10 address, no problem, RouteXL calculate the optimyzed route. But 11 adress, the API return “Too many locations. Your subscription allows 10” On the site, you said that avec the “RouteXL 20” : Up to 20 stops per route. I don’t understand. Samuel.

The API is free for routes up to 10 stops as stated in the documentation:


If you upgrade your account the API will allow more stops, e.g. the “RouteXL 100” subscription allows routes up to 100 stops. There are subscriptions for a day and a month, or monthly recurring for continuous usage:


You could use the API from various devices, but only one optimization at a time. In other words, you can not calculate a route on the two phones at the exact same moment.

If you have more than 20 stops in a route, the optimization can take a couple of seconds. In that period your account is blocked. The API will return HTTP code 429: “Another route in progress”. You’ll need to wait until the first route is ready and returned.

Ok. Thinks you.
it is not specify on the price page of your site (https://www.routexl.nl/blog/pricing/?..)

Just a little question :
With one subscription ( with the Android API) , we can calculate a route on a phone and a route on another phone ?