Name for waypoints

It would be VERY nice if I could display a “title name” near each waypoint (from my .xls file) instead of “stop” logo or the “1,2,3,4,…” suite when you calculate a route. So I wouldn’t have to manually report the names on a paper sheet

Thanks for the suggestion.

You can already add a name to an address but indeed it is not displayed on the map. It would be nice to have it there.

We’ll note it down for development.

Customer names can be added by editing a location. Click on the marker on the map or select the addess in the address list, to open up the location dialog and push “Edit”.

The labels on the map are work in progress. We will have it on the test site soon.

Labels on the map are available on the test site right now. Make sure to check Options > Styling to activate. After that all new addresses get a label on the map.

Let us know if this works for you.

yes I’m using this for sales calls and would be great to have customer name on map.  I actually don’t even want a map just a list sorted in order of stops based on the optimally quickest route…