Multiple Routes - some issues

I bought a day pass to plan a tour with 96 stops. 
Import - everything fine. 

First time I used the german site and set the following options: 

The result was not that way I thought - the german island “Rügen” where targeted 2 times. 

So I had a look to this community site and found the link to the testing site with more options. 

As a first step I set

  • the home adress
  • the departure time 
  • the service time.
    and tried a now route. 

The result was not that way I thought - the german island “Rügen” where targeted 2 times and there were routes with 1 stop only. 

If I scroll down appears on the left column a tour length eg 1d04:44

As in “options=>MaxRoundtime” are 20hours defined I expected another result there. 
As mentioned in the wiki I tried some “balances” - but … results are quite bad. 

Any ideas ? What did I wrong ? 

Or on the other hand - there is a wishlist :) 

  • extend the options menu, so I can define a daily start/stop time 
  • extend the options menu, so I can choose roundtrip (eg. with a “stop-marker”) or multiple routes. 


First of all, the test site is for testing only. Although we value your feedback and will look into the issues, we’d need to stress that issues related to the test site may be due to various reasons and the results from test site should not be used for any serious business goal.

When a location is added, its service time is set to the default and does not get updated if the default is adjusted. The default service time should therefore be set before any location is added. It seems you’ve changed the default after adding the locations.

Daily start/stop times will be implemented as default departure time and max round time. The max round time currently is not a hard restriction, but a flexible one. It will be weighted in the scoring function against the other aspects, such as wall time and total travel. That’s under development right now.

For multiple rounds, we only have roundtrips in the optimization algorithm at this moment. It’s not so much adding an option, the algorithm must be adjusted first. The same for open-end routes and multiple departure locations. We are aware of this requirement and it is on our list for development.

If you’d like a more indepth analysis of your route and help us improve the system, please send the addresses via e-mail to

I tried some things with the options -  and results confused me much more: 

As shown here “default service time” is set to 20 minutes. 

I planned a route with these options - the result is confusing: 

On right hand side - there’s a service time of 5 (!!!) minutes … that doesn’t fit my needs. 

Oh my God ! 

[Edit] This issue may be reproduced in Chrome-Browser as in FireFox as well. 

Thank you very much for this feedback ! 

You’re right - first step was to import the adresses, second one to set the options. I think, your hint may help for the next time. 

The only reason for using the test-site where the confusing results on the german main page. 

With some “trial and error” in the balance I created a good route that night. … 

I’ll send the adresses and the created routes via mail.