Multiple rounds

How can I optimise multiple rounds if I have A point starting and B point finishing?

That is not supported as such. It is on our list for future development but we can not give any timeline for it.

A workaround would be to split up your addresses in sets, and optimize each set as a seperate route.

Ok! But there is a way to change starting A point into a loading point for 2 vechicles e.g. or charging point, or any other restrictions? So, I can keep finishing B point, same as start and finish?

Not sure if we understand your need correctly, but if you need multiple vehicles to return to the departure point for replenishment, that’s also not supported as such.

We may be able to suggest a workaround, e.g. creating an extra stop very close to the departure point and setting restrictions on that, but we’d need more details of your use case for that.

Exactly! The situation is like this: I have 2 vehicles leaving from the same A point departure, loading from the same point B and deliver to different addresses. After delivery, both vehicles wil return to the same A point departure.
How can I optimise the routes?

Thank you, that’s much clearer to us. The workaround may be:

  1. Optimize the route with two rounds, with departure and arrival at A, but without point B. This creates the two sets of addresses for your 2 vehicles.
  2. For each set, create a new route with a single round, with departure and arrival at A, and with point B, setting each destination address as delivery point to B (visit after B).
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Thank you! I will apply your advice!

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I applied your advice and it worked!:+1:

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