Multiple rounds request


Hi, we’re testing the API v2 using Postman application. Following the API reference we add the tour parameters as JSON array, but the API returns only one route. You can see in the attached image our POST configuration with form-data and the response.

Could you help us with this??



In the API/v2 the parameters array should not be JSON encoded.

The locations array may be JSON encoded for backward compatibility, but it’s not required.


Hi could you give a working example how the rounds should be used? I think i tried every markup, but nothing seems to work? I am trying in Postman also… should the parameters be send as key (formfield) parameters?



Here’s an example in Postman:


Thanks… and how can you tell each round to start and end at a certain location, like in the webversion?

And furthermore, how can you tell from the json which is which route?! It looks like it is just one route.



The API is very simple, it only creates rounds within one route. Each round will have the same departure, which is the first location. The route will end at the last location.


Hi, I’m having difficulty returning rounds or any other parameter. I’m programming in Javascript and sending the parameters in Json (dataType), as in the image below.

Return is ignoring all the parameters passed.

How to return the route rounds? Change vehicle type …

Could you help me?



Not tested and it all seems fine, but it may be the brackets around the parameters value. Can you give it a try without them? The parameters may now be interpreted as an object within an array. Not sure how that is handled…


It worked! Thanks for your help.