Multi stop routes for multiple vehicles via API?


In our case, we will be using your service via APIs to:

  1. Determine multiple drivers rounds.
  2. Optimize each driver round.

Kindly notice that our app is for schools, thus we will be sending all the students in each school to determine the rounds for multiple drivers, thus helping schools to determine rounds and optimize them.

The params that we will have are:

a. Locations of all students
b. The capacity of each bus (driver) which can be from 15 to ~30

We came across this old thread: Multi stop routes for multiple vehicles via API
however it seems that the API is not yet available to be used?

We saw the very useful demo here: but in our case, we need to use the service via APIs.

Any clue?

The next version of the API (v2) can optimize routes with multiple rounds. It is available for testing. You can read more about it here.

Capacity restrictions are also under development. For now, you can test it on the test website. It will be made available for the API v2 soon.

Thanks for prompt reply, any expectation about release date?

We do not work with fixed time planning. Quality comes first and we still have some development going on. But the API v2 can already be used in low-profile environments. The capacity restrictions only needs testing and documentation, that may only take a week or two.

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