Mulitple routes depending maximum weight of truck/car

Any thoughts how to enter the ‘weight’ per address to optimize the planned (multiple) route?

Weight per address, or capacity restrictions in general, is not available at this moment. It is on our list for development and we are working on it. However there is no timeline available.

As it is often used in multi round optimization, e.g. for multiple vehicles, employees or days, a very rough work-around may be to set the service time for each address to indicate its weight, and the maximum roundtime as capacity.

On our test site is a first step for capacity constraints when you plan multiple rounds/trucks/drivers/days. This can be used by giving each address a capacity requirement (“demand”) as a percentage. The algorithm will take this into account when creating the route.

The demand can be entered by selecting on an address on the map and then “Edit” it. The number you fill in must be a percentage of the capacity. E.g. for a maximum of 20 deliveries in a deliveryvan, fill in the number “5” at each address. But if one address fills half of the load space, fill in “50”.

To test this route optimization with capacity constraints, log on to the regular website first, then open this link for the test site.

A few remarks:

  • An address is given a green label with demand as percentage in the Address list
  • The demand numbers you enter are not yet remembered or saved in the database. Once you’ve planned a route, they have disappeared and you need to re-enter.
  • The capacity check is a “soft restriction”, that is even if it does not fit still a route is created. There wil not yet be warning that it does not fit.
  • You can also import the demand with your addresses if you put the number between ^'s. For example, ^5^
  • You can also check or edit all addresses at a time using the Addresses > Edit button

We would like to hear your feedback on this new feature.