Missing roads


I have encountered a problem where some of the roads are not being recognized by RouteXL while creating routes, whereas they are visible when I check using Google maps. I have a feeling that this is probably because the OpenStreetMaps that you use for creating routes doesn’t have these routes updated.
This is resulting in routes which are straight lines from the Origin and are calculated at walking speed. This totally throws out by route optimisation for other destinations too. Is there any way in which this can be sorted out?


Raghavan K V

The road network of OpenStreetMap is indeed used for our routing and therefore we depend on the roads that are in there. You can check if they are on their website:


OpenStreetMap is a community project, much like Wikipedia. You can edit this map too and add the missing roads. The maps on our servers are updated every month, so your changes are expected to come through in twee weeks on average.