List of possible API responses

Hey @RouteXL

could you please share list of API responses?

So far we know of:

  • Another route in progress
  • Incomplete locations

Thank you.

These are the documented responses:

Hi @RouteXL,

We have an issue where we don’t get any response from the API if one of the address in the route is invalid, is there any chance we could get a response for that.

Because of that we had an issue where no one could optimize the routes for 1h, even when we stopped the loop for optimizing the broken route.

Do you maybe have some kind of cool down after certain amount of requests are sent to API in specific time frame or this was something else?

Thank you.

In our logs we’ve found various IP’s have been firing numerous incomplete requests for some days. That resulted in an overflow of 409 responses. The firewall took measures to protect the service and temporarily banned these IP’s. They should have access again now.