Language issue iphone


I am having an issue with setting up the app/link on my iPhone. After setting up the link and logging in on the iPhone the language changes from english to another language.

Steps taken to resolve

Logged out of the account on iPhone
Cleared browser history on iPhone
deleted app/link from iPhone

Logged into account in Chrome
navigated to account settings chose to log out of all devices
logged out of account
cleared Chrome history, cookies etc

Opened RouteXL on iPhone
logged into the account
English is still the default

created app/link
closed iPhone browser
opened new app/link
Logged in
English is no longer the default

Unable to change language on iPhone.

Please advise if you have any solutions. Thank you

Open the site from the URL with the language parameter on your phone and create the home screen link from that:

This should always override the language that is used.