Is this possible user draw fastest path in google map with your tour API response?

Hello RouteXl,
Your tour Api response give only name , arrival and distance parameters . How can i draw the fastest path in google map . Is this possible to user can draw fastest path in google map with Marker indication to my application from your tour response?. Please Advice me

Our API only sorts the locations in the fastest order. To draw the path between locations in Google Maps, use their directions API.

Sorry I can not understand . I make a tour request and I got response from RouteXl,
Where Can i apply your response.

Our response can be applied in many ways, that’s the free choice of the developer. Our API only sorts locations in the fastest order, because our focus is on route optimization.

Route optimization has many applications, more than you can think of. Some import the ordered list of locations into an enterprise resource system (ERP) or transport management system (TMS). Others send the locations to a telematics system or fulfilment system.

Many display our route on a map. For that you’ll want to use additional mapping framework, because our API does not serve maps. There any many mapping frameworks, such as Google, Mapbox or Leaflet.