Is there api to routexl?

is there any api to interact with routexl? the idea is it, i have a software and need give to routexl several address (using api, webservices) and i would like to get from routexl the link with the best route is possible? regards Frank

There is no API yet, but it is definitely on our wishlist too.

We are currently using quite a bit of Google Maps API data, which we are only allowed to use within the application. We are looking into using OpenStreetMap data for that purpose, but this will take a while.

Having said that we are testing connecting to other systems by means of deeplinking. That is, you send the locations in the URL, and RouteXL will automatically start with looking up the locations, calculate the fastest order and show the optimal route.

If that sounds interesting and you’d like to join in that, send an e-mail to

The deeplink option is now live. It’s in beta stage though, errors may occur:

To read more about the new service and to get instructions:…

We’ve got an API ready for testing!

If you’d like to help in setting up this service, e-mail us at

Yes, we’re testing the API. Send an e-mail if you’re interested.


Is the api already ready for testing, I am verry interested in a api for routexl

Thanks in advance