Is there a way to contribute to maps to improve gated community routing?

Dear Route XL,

we noticed some odd routing recommendations mostly related to gated communities in Florida (where there are many).

Based on this image, it appears route xl maps are missing road info?

Then the resulting route is less than optimal

It’s expected that stops within a gated community would be grouped together because it’s faster to complete stops that way. Instead, you end up driving inside/outside gated community multiple times which is also less efficient.

If we spot gated communities with missing road / route info, is there a way to contribute to those map and/or report issues? I’m specifically commenting on Florida right now.

This would be a big help as most other things work pretty well.

Thank you.

Ogo Sense

We did not test it, but you could try with the deliveryvan profile. It has more access to these kind of “private” roads. The regular car profile has less access to prevent routes through gated communities. Select it via Options > Routing > Type of vehicle > Deliveryvan

To contribute to the map we use for our routes just edit OpenStreetMap. Your edits will be reviewed by the OSM community. We update our routing servers with the latest maps regularly, on average each month.

Thanks RouteXL!

Is Deliveryvan option available when using your API?

I’ll check with our developer as well.

You’ll need to use our API v2 and set parameters[type] to “smalltruck”

Awesome! Timely feedback especially great if it works!

@RouteXL we’ll test smalltruck early this coming week. Within the web interface I found deliveryvan to solve our specific problem:

And when using regular car profile, we get problematic:

Here are some sample addresses if you would like to recreate:

13722 Shipwatch Dr, Jacksonville, FL 32225
1028 Shipwatch Dr, Jacksonville, FL 32225
914 Shipwatch Dr E, Jacksonville, FL 32225
13743 Shelter Cove Dr, Jacksonville, FL 32225
705 Queens Harbor Blvd, Jacksonville, FL 32225

Hello RouteXL,

We updated our API profile to “smalltruck” but we’re getting the same route as before using the “car” profile, the addresses within gated communities are not grouped.

Is smalltruck profile the same as deliveryvan in terms of access to private roads?

Why do we appear to be receiving response for car profile

Instead of deliveryvan/smalltruck profile?

Is there anything we’re missing? Please check our request to the API below.

The request:[{"address":"2402 COOL SPRINGS DR N, JACKSONVILLE, Florida 32246","job_id":0,"type":"start","lat":30.3040562,"lng":-81.4696887},{"address":"2402 COOL SPRINGS DR N, JACKSONVILLE, Florida 32246, United States","job_id":55093,"type":"custom","lat":30.3040562,"lng":-81.4696887},{"address":"2638 Bentshire Dr, Jacksonville, Florida 32224, United States","job_id":55099,"type":"custom","lat":30.2992662,"lng":-81.4709164},{"address":"12918 Silver Springs Dr S, Jacksonville, Florida 32246, United States","job_id":55092,"type":"custom","lat":30.2994097,"lng":-81.4646921},{"address":"13201 Companion Ct, Jacksonville, Florida 32224, United States","job_id":55100,"type":"custom","lat":30.3070158,"lng":-81.458818},{"address":"13865 Asher Cove Ct, Jacksonville, Florida 32224, United States","job_id":55102,"type":"custom","lat":30.2947857,"lng":-81.4526608},{"address":"3102 Covenant Cove Dr, Jacksonville, Florida 32224, United States","job_id":55101,"type":"custom","lat":30.2908968,"lng":-81.4530256},{"address":"13844 Seven Pines Dr, Jacksonville, Florida 32224, United States","job_id":55103,"type":"custom","lat":30.3038996,"lng":-81.4426409},{"address":"13830 Intracoastal Sound Dr, Jacksonville, Florida 32224, United States","job_id":55104,"type":"custom","lat":30.3096239,"lng":-81.4453874},{"address":"54 Oceanside Dr, Atlantic Beach, Florida 32233, United States","job_id":55096,"type":"custom","lat":30.3565445,"lng":-81.398929},{"address":"317 9th Street, Atlantic Beach, Florida 32233, United States","job_id":55094,"type":"custom","lat":30.3344264,"lng":-81.3991788},{"address":"232 Seminole Rd, Atlantic Beach, Florida 32233, United States","job_id":55095,"type":"custom","lat":30.327965,"lng":-81.4047379},{"address":"13720 Shipwatch Dr, Jacksonville, Florida 32225, United States","job_id":55105,"type":"custom","lat":30.33143,"lng":-81.4459828},{"address":"13706 Longs Landing Rd W, Jacksonville, Florida 32225, United States","job_id":55106,"type":"custom","lat":30.3327424,"lng":-81.4464817},{"address":"707 Queens Harbor Blvd, Jacksonville, Florida 32225, United States","job_id":55098,"type":"custom","lat":30.3336341,"lng":-81.4508801},{"address":"13230 Maryweather Ct, Jacksonville, Florida 32225, United States","job_id":55110,"type":"custom","lat":30.3235788,"lng":-81.4604913},{"address":"2303 The Woods Dr W, Jacksonville, Florida 32246, United States","job_id":55112,"type":"custom","lat":30.3085004,"lng":-81.4661457},{"address":"1820 Indian Springs Dr, Jacksonville, Florida 32246, United States","job_id":55111,"type":"custom","lat":30.3168497,"lng":-81.4697152},{"address":"1026 Shipwatch Dr, Jacksonville, Florida 32225, United States","job_id":55107,"type":"custom","lat":30.3469261,"lng":-81.44751},{"address":"12658 Misty Mountain Dr E, Jacksonville, Florida 32225, United States","job_id":55113,"type":"custom","lat":30.3383335,"lng":-81.4666693},{"address":"912 Shipwatch Dr E, Jacksonville, Florida 32225, United States","job_id":55108,"type":"custom","lat":30.3418553,"lng":-81.4480909},{"address":"13741 Shelter Cove Dr, Jacksonville, Florida 32225, United States","job_id":55109,"type":"custom","lat":30.341287,"lng":-81.4486273},{"address":"1191 Soaring Flight Way, Jacksonville, Florida 32225, United States","job_id":55114,"type":"custom","lat":30.3423032,"lng":-81.4761069},{"address":"12421 Running River Rd South, Jacksonville, Florida 32225, United States","job_id":55097,"type":"custom","lat":30.3481302,"lng":-81.4859294},{"address":"12352 Running River Rd S, Jacksonville, Florida 32225, United States","job_id":55115,"type":"custom","lat":30.3477981,"lng":-81.4890603},{"address":"12375 Tropic Dr, Jacksonville, Florida 32225, United States","job_id":55116,"type":"custom","lat":30.3229523,"lng":-81.4851144},{"address":"2170 Kusaie Dr, Jacksonville, Florida 32246, United States","job_id":55117,"type":"custom","lat":30.3114111,"lng":-81.5228757},{"address":"5505 Shad Road, Jacksonville, Florida 32257","job_id":0,"type":"finish","lat":30.1956065,"lng":-81.5715}]&parameters=['type':'smalltruck']

Response route id: 987tgX4Fn8ipTL2cHopS



We did not test but can you try to set the vehicle type with


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Thanks! That appears to be working!

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