Is it possible to import times etc as well as addresses?

Hi, is it possible to import data such as ready time, visit before and others in bulk? If so what format should I use to define the data? many thanks, Stephen

It is possible to import time restrictions with your destinations. That is, you can add due and ready time to the addresses you need to visit.

You add it after the address. The format is “hh:mm>>” for ready time and “>>hh:mm” for due time, using 24-hour clock. You may also combine these to set a time slot: “hh:mm>>hh:mm”

For example:

10 Downing Street, London 11:00>>17:00

will add ready time 11:00 and due time 17:00 hours.

Timeslot for route optimization

Using the same method, you may also add the service time for each stop. The format is “(mm)” in minutes.

Order restrictions, as in pickup & delivery points, can not be imported at this moment.

I will note it down for future development. Do you have a suggestion for the format?

That’s great, many thanks. Is it also possible to code “Visit After” or “Visit Before” in the same way?

OK, no problem.

Sorry no I don’t have a suggestion for the format.