Is anyone having trouble with the "Open in Google Maps"?

I have a route in RouteXL that I’d like to load in Google Maps. I clicked on Download and selected the Google Maps option. It loaded up the route in Google Maps great, and even offered an option to send directions or share directions via a link.

The problem is that when I open that link on my phone, I have no way to start the route. I have the latest Google Maps app (iPhone) .

I realize this is probably a Google Maps issue but wondering if anyone has gotten it to work at all?

Google Maps is awesome but has its quirks. Indeed we have no control over those. When there are too many stops, it may not work to export the route.

The workaround if you want to navigate a large route with Google Maps, is to use our fulfilment dialog. That allows you to launch the app and navigate to each stop individually.

See: Fulfillment - RouteXL

If you just want to export the route to show on a map, the alternative is to use Google My Maps and create a custom map from a KML file.


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Thank you for the tips! Google maps is much preferred because that’s what all my friends are used to.

Looks like I may have found the issue: No Google Maps Start Button, only Preview? Here's How to Fix

Can anything be done on the RouteXL side here?

btw I also tried the KML but Google My Maps gives me an error when I try to import the file…

The article suggests that your current location should be near the starting point of the route. So, when creating the route you could add your current location as starting point. You can do so by entering your current location address first, or use the Addresses > Current button.

See also: Address list - RouteXL

If the KML file is not accepted, please share it with us so we can test and check the problem. You may also email to

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Got it. Do you think it might be possible to offer an option in RouteXL to automatically add [Current Location] as the starting point? I don’t even know if that’s possible in the API but in case it is, it would be great because that way, when a route is shared the recipient can hit the Start button and get going right away.

I will email you the KML file. Thanks again!

Thank you for the suggestion, we’ll write that down on our list of ideas for future development. Can’t give any timeline for it unfortunately.

A workaround, if you always start from the same location, is to enter that address in Options > Routing > Home location. It will then be loaded as first address whenever your open the website or reset the map.

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