iOS cache allocation

I’m sure this is difficult, if not impossible, with Apple but is it possible to somehow enlarge the cache allocation in iOS? I have tried multiple browsers, but almost always have to deal with a refresh when getting the next address in the route. Very frustrating because everything needs to re-load and previous stops are reset. Thanks!

We’re not aware of any issue with cache allocation in iOS. To solve it we’ll first need to be able to reproduce the error. What do you exactly do when this happens? Which model/type device are you using?

I am using an iPhone X on iOS 11.2.1.

I click on “navigate” to push through the next address to Apple maps. Then after I have arrived, I re-open the browser to navigate to the next address. The browser usually refreshes and I need to re-open my trip and the next address. Because the browser refreshes, my previous trip info is gone.

I will say this happens 100% of the time if I am 15-30 minutes between addresses (I am guessing iOS does this because it is using memory for notifications, etc.) and maybe 50% with any less time. Safari, Chrome, and Firefox, happens on all.

Thanks for the info, we’ll have that tested. One additional question, do you re-open the browser using the Home button of your iPhone, or do you use the “go-back” link in Apple Maps? You’ll find that link on the top left, as demonstrated in this video at 0:50 sec:

Sorry, forgot something important, I am using Apple CarPlay when navigating. That’s why I have to use Apple maps, otherwise I would use google or waze.

CarPlay does not allow you to click the back link in the upper left hand corner, it is replaced with the CarPlay navigation link. Please let me know if a screenshot would help.


That may be a problem. We have no car with Apple CarPlay available at this moment. It will take a bit more time before we can test this. That means there will be no solution from our side on short term.