Infeasible: round 1 is too long with Due parameter

Make request to “v2/tour” endpoint
with body:

And get response with

  1. Remarks - “Infeasible: round 1 is too long”
  2. Point 2 without name

Full response:
{“id”:“jV6Tl1ZjC25jj0FIZybj”,“remarks”:“Infeasible: round 1 is too long”,“count”:3,“feasible”:false,“route”:{“0”:{“name”:“00c3c753-52c6-4bed-ab9a-0aacb6879d04”,“arrival”:0,“distance”:0.0},“1”:{“name”:null,“arrival”:17,“distance”:12.7},“2”:{“name”:“00c3c753-52c6-4bed-ab9a-0aacb6879d04”,“arrival”:34,“distance”:24.4},“3”:{“name”:“1”,“arrival”:435,“distance”:573.5},“4”:{“name”:“00c3c753-52c6-4bed-ab9a-0aacb6879d04”,“arrival”:870,“distance”:1120.8}}}

if change due time to less than 500 - works fine.

  1. How I can use “Due” parameter more than 500?
  2. Is it some limit on Due parameter?

The route is infeasible. The remarks say that’s due to a round being too long. So the maximum roundtime has been exceeded.

The max roundtime limits the duration of each round when creating multiple rounds in a route. By default the max roundtime is 540 minutes (9 hours). Your second round however takes >800 minutes, so the result is infeasible.

To increase the max roundtime in API v2 you can use parameters[maxRoundtime]=x with x being the max roundtime in minutes.

Ps. the point without name is the second location in your input with name “0”, which is zero and translates to null.