In Android mobile browser (Google Chrome) three buttons are missing (Print, Download and Extra)

I tried to use your website from Android phone and found that there are only three buttons: Find route, Share and Reset. Print, Download and Extra buttons are missing. I tried to reopen your website on Android requesting desktop view of your site, but this did not resolve the problem. Any suggestions?

These buttons are hidden on small devices to fit the screen.

The CSS media query is: only screen and (max-width: 640px)

What device are you using?

The media query is a means to adapt the website to screen resolution:

The width that is checked is not the actual device width, but the canvas available for the website.

We’ve lowered the width to 480px at which some buttons are hidden. Let us know if this solved your issue.

I am using Samsung Galaxy Note 2, manufacturer states that I have full HD resolution on my screen, therefore the problem should not appear.

My recommendation would be to show these buttons even in very small resolutions because they provide very useful functions. For example in my particular case I created a route that I wanted to download to my mobile device and use later on in navigating software, but failed because the download button was missing.

What does “The CSS media query is: only screen and (max-width: 640px)” mean?