How to use POST Tour


for testing purpose I used this URL:[{“address”:“The Hague, The Netherlands”,“lat”:“52.05429”,“lng”:“4.248618”},{“address”:“The Hague, The Netherlands”,“lat”:“52.076892”,“lng”:“4.26975”},{“address”:“Uden, The Netherlands”,“lat”:“51.669946”,“lng”:“5.61852”},{“address”:“Sint-Oedenrode, The Netherlands”,“lat”:“51.589548”,“lng”:“5.432482”}]

I get a Page Not Found error (404)
What do I do wrong ???


The endpoint is You can not add /locations to the path, that does not exist and will return a 404. Locations should be a parameter as in ?locations=

You should POST the request. If you open the URL in a browser it’s a GET and that will also be non-existent and return a 404.

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