How can we draw Route API POST Tour response on map

I want to display Post tour route on map how can I do this ?

Our API does not serve maps.

You should consider another mapping service to plot your route, e.g. Google Maps, Mapbox or Leaflet/OSM.

1)Yes but your API response not giving lat lng how can we plot complete route as it is on other map ?
2)Is there any API which responds Route with lat lng ?
3) Can we use your Map to display our response >

  1. Our API only reorders locations, to display on a map please consider beelines (as-the-crow-flies)
  2. We offer no such API, but it is on our list for development to add it to /tour
  3. Not as such, it’s not a mapping API. There is a deeplink but it is not fully synced with the API.
  1. Can we send lat lng insteed of adress using url and directly plot route on routexl map

The deeplink does accept coordinates, but the route optimization seems not to launch automatically. You should press the “Find route” button yourself at this moment.

We’ll have someone look into this behaviour.