How can I use 'skipOptimisation' with tour services

Hello , I want use ‘skipOptimisation’ with tour services but when i pass skipOptimisation true through CURL or URL always return shorted location.Anyone Please help? Thanks in advance

I am afraid your problem is unclear to us. Can you explain in more detail or share examples?

You should post the parameter skipOptimisation=true

Also, check your locations input. The variable “years” probably must be “lat”.

The API uses Basic Authorization to validate your account:

An example CURL request:

curl \--url \--user : \--data 'locations=[{"address":"1","lat":"52.05429","lng":"4.248618"},{"address":"2","lat":"52.076892","lng":"4.26975"},{"address":"3","lat":"51.669946","lng":"5.61852"},{"address":"4","lat":"51.589548","lng":"5.432482"}]&skipOptimisation=true'

I have location json data (l_ocations=[{“address”:“The Hague, The Netherlands”,“years”:“52.05429”,“lng”:“4.248618”},{“address”:“The Hague, The Netherlands”,“years”:“52.076892”,“lng”:“4.26975”},{“address”:“Without, The Netherlands”,“years”:“51.669946”,“lng”:“5.61852”},{“address”:“St. Oedenrode, The Netherlands”,“years”:“51.589548”,“lng”:“5.432482”}])

i want distance and duration between way-points but i want output with same order of way-_

skipOptimisation (bool) (optional)_

This will prevent the API to optimize the route. The locations are returned in same order as is, but arrival times and cumulative distances are calculated.

My question is how can i use ‘skipOptimisation’ with location.I hope you understand my question now.


another Question i have paid account when  i request my data through CURL it will return " Your account is not valid " Please Help.

Thank you.