Hide the stop sign / mark?

Is it possible to hide the stop sign? I just want to see the start mark, the red route and the destination. 

There is no hiding of the icons in the system, but if you explain the use case there may be a work-around or hack.

If you don’t have too many stops, you could hide each marker in the HTML code. This is an unofficial hack of course, but here’s how that’s done in Chrome:

  1. Press Ctrl-Shift-c to display the Developer Tools
  2. On the map, click the icon you want to hide
  3. In the right side window, right-click the line:


Repeat this for all icons. When ready press Ctrl-Shift-i to close the Developer Tools and print as you normally would.**

Same fully unofficial and totally unsupported method: go to Developer Tools, on the map tap the line you’d like to narrow down, on the right side double click and edit the value for “stroke-width” e.g. 2

Thanks for your answer! I want to document and print a itinerary. The black icons on a small map is not so nice for itinerary. :wink:

great! thank you very much! is there a way to make the red line more narrow?