Google Maps how to get it to start

I downloaded the Route to Google maps. All went fine but could not get Google Maps to start up. Kept wanting to let me see preview only. What can I do to get it to start the directions?


Google changes their systems en policies every now and then, without informing us on beforehand. So it may be that our interface needs adjusted after they updated theirs, we’ll check that.

The workaround is to use our fulfilment dialog, which is a list of your destinations that you can navigate one by one. To open the dialog, press the “Find route” button again after your route is on the map.

See: Fulfillment - RouteXL

Is it possible to use another navigation program instead off Google maps such as WAZE?
For me WAZE is better to use.

It would be fine if it is so…

Thank you


Waze does not accept multi stop routes in one go, but it is supported for stop by stop navigation. You can select it with Options > Routing > Navigate with

See also: Options - RouteXL