Geocoding and Styling

If I preffer Google as geocoder, then I can not have in Styling list, OpenStreetMap.Mapnik. Any other geocoder I choose, OpenStreetMap.Mapnik will appear in Styling, except using Google.
Is there a way?
Thank you!

Due to license restrictions some geocoders may not be combined with other map styles (tiles).

Why do you prefer OpenStreetMap.Mapnik? For the color scheme or the map details?

I thought so.
Yes, I prefere that map style because is detailed (buildings are numerotated), while using Google as a geocoder for its precision.
Now, I use Google as a geocoder, save the route, then I change the geocoder and the style, save it again.
For the next route, I change it back to Google geocoder and continue with the mentioned steps.

Not sure if we can add more detail to Google Maps tiles, but we’ll write it down for development and have someone look into it.