From 7 hrs original time to 1 day in route opti

Something has changed I think in my settings. All looks good in settings but when I plan my route it says 1 day and 3 hrs instead of the optimal 6 hrs I see in the yellow time line. Can you please help me out what happened?

It seems there is quite some servicetime used at each location. Servicetime is the time spent at a location, before the driver can leave for the next stop. Probably it was set it to ~2 hours?

You can set the default servicetime in Options > Routing > Default servicetime. Note that it will only apply to newly added addresses. If you add addresses and change the default afterwards, the addresses will have the original value.

Also, you can change the servicetime for each address individually by tapping its marker on the map, tap the Edit button and change the servicetime value.