Feature Request: Export parameters for WEBFLEET

We are using RouteXL for the optimization of routes prior to exporting to WEBFLEET. Problem is, when the orders hit WEBFLEET they are automatically sent to the drivers navigation device, this happens because the order status is set to “Not yet started”.

An extra field in the RouteXL way point properties that allows the user to specify the order status for WEBFLEET export would be ideal, but as a work around maybe the order statuses should be set to “Not yet sent”? This would give the user the chance to edit the orders in WEBFLEET prior to sending them to the drivers device.

After exporting to WEBFLEET we need to be able to add customer contact details, complete the address fields, and alter the order ID number. It would be better if we could do this prior to the drivers navigation units receiving the way points.

If we add the extra field to the waypoint properties, you’ll need to go through all locations seperately to specify the status. This may be quite some actions when planning 20+ stops.

Wouldn’t it be better to indicate the desired status for all orders at once in the WEBFLEET export dialog? Here you also select the device and date, and wether the current orders should be deleted.

We’ve pushed an update to our test website:

The change is in the WEBFLEET export dialog. If you don’t select a device, but instead the empty option “—”, the orders are exported to WEBFLEET only.

Let us know if this works for you.

Absolutely couldn’t agree more; one control on the WEBFLEET export modal would do the job very nicely. Thank you for considering my request.