Feature: Instead of infeasible tours, return a long feasible tour

Hi there,

Could it be possible to specify a time window on a route in the API, e.g. office hours and have a route planned that visits as many stops as possible in that window? Right now to achieve that effect I’d have to incrementally add waypoints to my API calls until it starts returning infeasible routes, correct? Seems like a waste of computing powers to not be able to add some extra constraints to the solver.

That’s not possible as such. We’ll add that to our list of ideas for future development, but at this moment we can not give any timeline.

While it depends on the number of stops you have, an alternative method might be to plan a route with all stops and incrementally remove stops with some intelligence. E.g. remove the one that contribute the most to the total travel time and recalculate the route.

I’m planning routes between 4000 points which I can split into clusters of about 400 stops per cluster, but now I see that I can estimate the rounds parameter of the v2 API on cluster size and it should be fine, thanks!

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