Export in to Excel Kilometers convert in to Date

Hopeful this is the wright place to post my problem.
I would like to know the distance between my stops, so I export the rout to Excel as csv. In Excel in the column under distance their are only dates but no numbers. An I doing something wrong and how can I solve that problem?

RouteXL does not export distances as dates. It seems more likely that Excel converts the values into dates. To check this, try to open the CSV in a text editor (e.g. notepad) and see if there are any dates in there.

Thx for your answer.
The Problem is Excel. Excel interprets the column with the distance as dates because the seperater RoutXL uses ist a dot (.) In the moment the distance is 3.4 km for example, Excel converts it automatically in to April 3th.
The solution: I the csv-file in TextEditor (I am useing a mac) and I am converting all dots in to commas after importing there are no problems.
Maybe the proplem is a specific german problem because we separate the dates in german with dot and the decimal with comma instead of dots likewise the english.

Thank you for researching and explaining the issue in more detail

An alternative method may be to rename the CSV file after it has been downloaded. Change the extension to *.txt, open in Excel as text file and follow the import steps. This will allow you to change the type of each field.