Estimated arrival times have no sense

Hi! I’m new here, and starting to use RouteXL API. The route building is awesome, but the estimated duration between every stop seems odd. Not even service time seems to be working. For example, I get these results:

From A to B, 4.8 kms, arrival in 6 minutes (quite fast, right? in the middle of the city…)
Then, from B to C, 7.1 kms (so, +2.3 kms from the last one), arrival at minute 10 (so… in 4 minutes…) …

This means that it will take 6 minutes to make almost 5 kms, and another 4 minutes to make 2.3 km, with a service time in the middle of 5 minutes…

Maybe I’m not understanding something??

Please, help, and thanks!

Without your input and the API results, it’s hard to analyze the problem and give explanation. If you want us to check, either share these here, or e-mail us.

In general, we use the OpenStreetMap road network to build our routes upon. There are no live traffic or road blocks taken into account, and we use the maximum speeds that were set by OSM volunteers. This may explain differences between our results and reality to some extent.

If you wish to double-check the result yourself, use the planner on our website. Both the API and the website use the same routing algorithm and maps. You can import your json-encoded locations array via the Import button and find the route.

Ok, I see using OSM, that it clearly does not take into account the traffic layer (and some laws of physics…). But, what about the service time? Shouldn’t the difference between two stops be of at least 5 minutes?

The difference between arrival times should indeed at least be more than the service time. But to analyze the problem and find the cause we’d need more information. If you always get odd durations, it might relate back to malformed input.