Entry problem

I typed in all my addresses, an arduous process that took perhaps ten minutes, hit Enter, and received a response that said I had reached the maximum number of addresses and asked for a small donation to continue. It simply deleted all my entered addresses. Not very thoughtful. In fact, pretty stupid.

To add addresses by typing, you’d better use the search box instead of the import textarea. That has autocompletion and immediate geocoding so you can check each location at once.

The import box is ment for import from other applications by copy & paste. It shows the maximum number of addresses you may add, each address on one line. Typing 40 addresses when it says 20 are allowed, is something we did not expect to happen.

So indeed the landing can be a bit softer. We can make either the textarea fixed to the number of lines, or give a warning, of only add the first 20. What would be best?