Download route via API

Is it possible after a creation of a route, to download the files for Tomtom (ITN) or other GPS systems? (with the API)

Unfortunately that’s not possible.

However, many files for GPS systems are text-based and their format is quite simple, so it should not be a problem to generate those yourself.

For example, the TomTom ITN file format:

so, what alternatives do I have to be able to export the route to other devices? I would like to use the data obtained, to create a map or (better) use it for the navigator

Our API does not have maps or exports, it simply reorders your locations.

We can not advise you on your alternatives, that is beyond our scope and it depends on many factors, but here are some we used on our routeplanner website:

  • To create a map, you could check out Leaflet, an open-source JavaScript library for mobile-friendly interactive maps.

  • To export a route to navigation apps, you could use their URL schemes, like Apple Maps or Google Maps.

ok thanks a lot … I’ll do a check…

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