Different route's start time

Hi there,

After I finish inputting all the addresses and setting everything up, I click on “Find route”. A pop up shows up asking the departure time. What if I have let’s say 3 different drivers with 3 different departure times, for example, 8am, 8:30am and 9am. Is it possible to set this up as well?

Thank you

The departure time is the same for all rounds, you can not vary that per round.

A workaround may be to create the route with the three rounds, then open one round as a separate route by tapping its path on the map, change Options > Routing > Default departuretime, and make a new route from that.

Note: to go back to the original route with three rounds, use the “Routes” button above the map and retrieve it from your history.


Thank you for the reply. I’ll try that.