Different durations

Hi There,

We are looking for a solution in a specific situation:

4 routes

3 routes have a duration of 420 minutes and 1 of 210 minutes.

Can we add these minutes multiple for example:

parameters[maxRoundtime] 420 420 420 210

just like de capacitiies per route:
parameters[capacities] 50 50 50 50 1

this would be great.

That’s not possible currently. We’ll write it down it for future development, but we can not give any timeline at this moment.

A workaround may be to give one location an extended servicetime of 210 minutes, so that at least one round will be constrained.

Can you explain why some variables can handles multiple input and some none? because when you can define the capacity, it would be nice to also set the round time.

Some people have shorter or longer workinghours a day for example

That is explained by the development history of the software. It was not all done in one waterfall, with all specs known on beforehand, but rather incremental, with new stuff getting added during time.