Didn't get the result I expected?


just an opinion :slight_smile:I used routexl for 100 stops, for the first time
I was hoping for something like grouping the stops around the same places for the same round ( I made 4 rounds )
But it didnt…
When I pushed the balance fully to the left , it even proposed me 1 round with 1 stop ( and the others with rounds “not logical” to my point of view.

Here is some captures of what I mean.

We are in an emergency so we stayed with what routexl proposed, but if I had to do it manually, I would have done something like the orange circles I made on one picture.
Is there a way to say " dont equalize the time of each car OR the number of stops, just make it as the stops next to eachother are made by the same person " ?

Thanks !
(here are the 3 captures , 3rd is zoomed to show how routes cross eachother in a weird way instead of grouping everything close )
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As documented, our multiple rounds feature can minimize two time aspects: total travel time (sum of travel for all rounds) and clock time (also known as makespan, the max time of each round).

What you expected is neither of those, you wish to have some kind of clustering, then route each cluster. Maybe you can explain why you need that?

The closest you can get to your expectation, is to cluster the stops yourself based on your needs, e.g. by making clusters manually, using some third-party clustering tool or making sets based on zip code or city. When you have made clusters, use our route planner for each individual cluster seperately to create the best route.

Alternatively, using our route planner, you might want to try to set the balance to the left (minimal travel time) and limiting the max round time. You may want to lower the max round time step by step to find the division you need.


Thanks for your fast answer.
I thought too that if I had more time to " play" with the tool, I would have chosen groups of stops, and then enter them to routexl :slight_smile:
I ll tell you how it went sunday evening.
Before that we are finishing the flowers bunches for mother’s day :slight_smile:

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We did it ^^
I took some time saturday night to rearrange manually some of the adresses to be more logical in the rounds, also to put more for the van and less for the car ( space optimization) :slight_smile:
Thanks again,


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