Determining the number of routes

I have 500 addresses that people are going to walk to. The addresses are in different areas. I first need to determine clusters of areas and then create a route from that cluster. I want to determine a cluster by putting an amount of time to go to those addresses. For example. Lets assume that I say I want to be able to walk to all of the homes in 1 hour. It would then create Clusters based on that length of time, and then determine the best route for each cluster. Also then I could order the clusters by the most houses hit in an hour. I am not a programmer…is this possible with your application. or do you have any suggestions

Clustering is not in our application as such.

A non-optimal but possibly good workaround may be:

  1. manually distribute the 500 addresses into logical sets, e.g. by street or district;
  2. find the best route for each set and note the time;
  3. combine sets into clusters of one hour.