Deeplink: How to place FIRST and LAST stop / rounds


just found routexl and it looks really interesting. Thanks for all the work you put into it!

I tried deeplinking ( and it seems to work BUT I want to be sure that address X is the first on my route (address Y the last).

Is there a way to create this by deeplinks (without clicking on the icons and redefining)?

I tried to set the starting time of my X address to 07:59>>08:01 - which turned out not to work, as the options read 08:00 as starting time.


The first address should always be used as the departure. However, if geocoding fails it may be that the second address becomes the departure.

To set another address as final destination, put it as the last item in the array of addresses and add this parameter to the URL:

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thank’s for the response.
Maybe the wiki for deeplinking should be updated to list all options.


Thanks, we’ve updated that page.